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G’day Y’all

Some good news, I think.
The Flamin’ Finn are going to do a performance outside my garage, Saturday or Sunday next week (23,24/5) not sure atm depends on Paul and his car, a few problems need to be fixed. I am hoping Miss Monica will join us for a few songs.
At this point in time only 10 people will be able to congregate together in groups, I think we can have maybe 3-4 groups of 10 and still keep our social distance.
We will pass around the hat to try and raise some petrol money for Paul and Mike. Let me know if you want to come and we will do the numbers. First in best dressed.
If you mess up we will have to stop and Nobody wants that now do we.
We have 8 new songs and an old blues cover already for our next cd….I have been a busy boy
I have no doubts we have a disease going round and that it can be deadly for some , but I am confused as to the correct action sometimes, especially when dealing with the talking heads contradicting each other.
That is all. Remain safe,


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Howdy All

Finn Stuff
Well another year done almost still a few Chrissy thing happening, musical trivia next Wednesday and the Sunday Club Xmas special with Finn and Chris Turner and the Cave Men.
Peace on the planet for Xmas, Smiling Jack Smith, have a look,
Finney’s Orphans Xmas will be on again this year, let me know if you’re gonna be there.
This Thursday…pass it on
‘Back to The Caro’  on the 12/12/19 will be the Muso Jam big reunion. We have been jamming at the Carousel for 13 years, pass it on to anyone you might think of.
Other Stuff
Musical Trivia, 18/12/19, book at the Native Rose for a good seat.