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The Hawkesbury Hotel looks like it might be sold so as to the future of gigs out there, I will keep you posted.
I guess that the nature of pub gigs has changed dramatically since I first started gigging in Sydney.
The band came from Adelaide in about January 1970, just to give you a time frame.
Every pub had live music at least on the weekend, but more importantly people used to go out, in those days workers earned enough so they could go out a few night a week and still put money away.
Normal folk spend money and keep an economy robust, so no matter what’s being said, lack of funds is a big part of what keeps people away from gigs, also drink driving, Netflix and now, menulog and Uber eats. Too many choices, too much competition.
I guess there will always be someone willing to pick up a guitar and sing a few songs. But would you get the best from a doctor or plumber who just practiced 2 or 3 days a month.
So try and get out to see live music as often as you can, or it might just disappear.

Jam Stuff
Annandale and Caro this week.
We have moved rooms at the Carousel, to the bar in the middle of the Pub,
Underage children are allowed have a play now.
Nearly 15 years at the Carousel, longest gig I’ve ever had, and we are talking to the Hotel regarding at 15 year reunion, more on that as it comes to hand.
Remember, bring a friend double the numbers! always room for more.

Paul O’Brien Tuesdays (Annandale ),
Tony Pedroza Wednesdays (Coogee),
Paul Surany Thursdays Carousel.
Double the crowd….bring a friend.
Sign on 7.30 pm all venues
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