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Just Thinking

Get used to weirdness. Weirdness is a way of life which leads from the mundane to the extraordinary. Be silly, be fully expressive, be creative, make memories that matter. Be so overcome with passion for the things you love that you set fire to everything holding you back. Just stop trying to "fit in" because it's killing your soul.

If you pay attention, you'll notice the world is getting "weirder" and will never go back to "the good ol' days". Thank goodness for that! Fuck reliving the past; get on with life. Fuck believing the church and government are trustworthy; trust yourself. Fuck believing in the "Australia/American/Kiwi/whatever Dream” get a tiny home, grow some crops, and stop being a gluttonous consumer. Dare to be weird and live a life worth living that's fully loving to yourself and to others. Profess your love to a stranger in public, just because you're both sharing this amazing existence and you wish them all the best, even if they think you're weird. Secretly, they'll love it and will remember you forever!

We all secretly want things to be weird. That's why people get addicted to drugs, movies, TV sitcoms, and malicious sexual fantasies. If people just allowed themselves to be weird, they wouldn't regularly crave these facsimiles, and they wouldn't turn pathological and criminal. They would already be living a fulfilling life in the fantastic way it was made to be lived: freely, creatively, expressively, with a good amount of weirdness.