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Finn Stuff

Howdy all

Finn’s 8
th Cd is with the printer and should be back this week. Many thanks to those of you who have responded for a copy already.
We think this is our best album to date.
Last Friday Crown Hotel, always the Crownie, crowd down a bit but seems Valentine’s day now makes a difference to going out and seeing a band.
Saturday ‘Blues on the Lake’, Toronto Hotel Saturday 16th February, Great crowd, well over 400, well attended and went very well for the first one, should be a yearly event now.
Sunday Native Rose, many to thank, Roscoe Waraker, Paula McMahon, Elizabeth Bellmore (She did a grand job and is improving all the time) Irish John, who always make the place come alive and George Rigatos.
We wish George all the best. He is in hospital for some operative work and we in the Finn camp are thinking of him today and hoping to see him bright and chirpy come Friday.
Jam Stuff
This Tuesday at the Annandale 19/2/19 we have Paul O’Brien as our guest guitarist. Paul is a great all round performer strong vocals wonderful playing and I personally love Paul’s original, come and check him out, numbers good at Annandale but always room for more.
Double the crowd….bring a friend.
Sign on 7.30 pm all venues



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New Calendar

You may notice a new calendar for our gigs on our website, this calendar will render well now on your mobile devices, as the other one was inefficient. Cheers, 
Michael Admin


Finn Stuff

Howdy All
Finn will be at the Native Rose this Friday, was moved from the 30th due to previous commitments. We kick off at 8pm, a great little gig, but leave the car home as the craft beers are just too good to resist. They have one for every taste.
Shady Pines Saloon Sunday, great Sydney gig.
Raby on Saturday night with Dearne.
Finny’s orphans Xmas If you are interested drop me a reply and I will send the address.
A quick couple of what about that’s
What About That 2657
It seems the Mercedes and BMW have taken indicators of their cars…no one was using them. I pulled up next to a BM the other day, driver was dawdling along and then just pulled over, I pulled up next to him and politely told him his indicators don’t seem to be working, he looked like he wanted to tell me to Eff off, and then looked at his wife and another look at me and decided to be nice, hahah!
What About That 2658
Sydney roads are a mess, seems that just about every road in Sydney has major work going on somewhere, 12 k’s per hour average day time speed, and thy wonder why driver break the limits when they can! Travelled from Bathurst to home Sunday, hit the M4 slowway at Emu plains 80 k’s until after Eastern Creek. Not a worker in sight. NSW govt. absolutely no planning whatsoever. Complete Boof heads all of them.
What About That 2659
Ms Moore has decided to reopen the cross. What a dick, it will take five years to get back even close to what it was. I suppose all her mates now own it, that’s why she’s lifted the ban. Greedy Stupid individuals
Jam Stuff
Musos Club jams website at:-
Wednesday on guitar Christina Crofts and Keith Todd back in the hot seat on the 29th.
Don’t forget if you all bring a friend….(you do have them I hope), our numbers double. Sign on 7.30 pm both venues

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