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Howdy All

Some bad news to start today’s missive with sorry about that.
Jack La Coutier (Jack the Younger as he was known) passed away in his flat last week. Causes unknown.
He was a regular attendee at the Marrickville golf club when we were running the jam there, a good young bloke and a hell of a player, bass, piano, guitar almost anything you could put in his hands he could play. He will be missed and he was far too young to be taken away, only 32 I believe.
His memorial service will be held At St. Johns Church,  Glebe next Wednesday October 19
th At 5.30 pm
Vale` young Jack.
Bad news number 2.
Jam Stuff
The Coogee Diggers jam will be no more. They cut our money to half and we just can’t do it for what they offered.
Al and I will be out on the hunt for a new venue hopefully in the inner west and will keep you updated.
I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring on this climate change bizzo
Congrats to the kids for having the temerity to stand up and say they are not happy, once again our Scomo proved how far out of touch he is by saying they should not worry….too right they should, we’ve all done the damage and they have to fix it!
And really it’s our fault, we can say the pollies are useless but we put them there, and we all have cars and fires/heaters and lap tops and make use of all that, so it’s our fault and problem as well.
But I do believe there is a conspiracy by our betters or perhaps owners to keep us divided and a great deal of us impoverished.
I hear people arguing about Climate change and so many are saying the same things but from different perspectives.
So let’s start with the name ‘Climate change’.
Is the climate changing?
I think most would agree that yes, the climate is changing.
A volcano can spew more carbon into the air in a week, than we as humans can do in a year.
Sea water temperature is rising, we have lost a great deal of the Barrier reef due to this (and Crown of thorn starfish has had a hand)
Rainforests in Australia are drying out and are catching fire for the first time in recorded history.
Glaciers are melting and not coming back as big each year.
The ocean is full of plastic, nets, bottles, bags, all sorts of plastic pollution which is all breaking down and is now micro plastic and being ingested by fish and humans alike.
We as humans consume at least 50,000 particles of microplastic a year and breathe in a similar quantity, which equates to about a credit card of plastic each and every week.
Lastly we have cut down 80% of our forests in the last 2000 years and in Australia about 80% in just over 200 years.
So we have some problems that we need to face, the first is we can’t be divided on our children’s and grandchildren’s future, we must look at the problems and start to sort them out.
So we’ve all accepted that something weird is going on with our world.
YES, we have polluted the bejesus out of our world and that needs to stop… more throw away shit, cars need to last for 30 years not 10, cause that’s what they owe the world, when I first left home we had a fridge that was already 30 years old and we kept it going for another 10. TV’s that would last forever. Now everything is sold with a use by date already attached.
We have continuously cut out the lungs of our home planet, we have treated our home with disrespect, bombing it and poisoning it at an  alarming rate.
Instead of emptying our potties into the ocean, that shite could be used to regenerate marginal land and we could plant more and more trees and try and return the balance to a plus.
Now the earth moves in an elliptical pattern around the Sun, so there will be some eons that are hotter and some that are colder and this is where the denying comes in, no it’s not us! It’s just natural.
Bullsdust! pollution and trees at different ends of the spectrum.
We might think that we are somewhat puny in the face of the magnitude of the worlds, but if you think about cities today, we have moved mountains of concrete from different places and dropped it all in one place must have an effect of the worlds wobbles no matter how minor.
But clean up the planet we must and clean our ways up. We can still have all the wonderful things , we just got to be smarter about how we make them go, how long they last and what purpose they serve!