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G’day Y’all

‘Performance outside my garage’, Saturday or Sunday this weekend Will know date by Wednesday latest.
Still working on this, but I think it will be a goer, we have filled our quota unfortunately, the 10 who got in first are:- Silva, Fred, Monica, Bob, Mark, Bret, Lesley and of course us 3.
I think you can come along with your own small group, but must still keep our social distance or we will have to stop. I know you can all behave…..look at how well we have done for the last 6(??) weeks.
We will pass around the hat to try and raise some petrol money for Paul and Mike.
We have 13 new songs and an old blues cover already for our next cd…. But I have run out of ideas and need some inspiration, so if you can come up with a theme I can use, we will name the song after you!
That is all. Remain safe,