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March 2019


Crown Hotel Friday and Native Rose Sunday were both crackers of gigs.
Thanks to Michael Barry and Paul Read for their input on Friday.
Sunday was just a cavalcade of stars, Thanks to Irish John, Paul Read, Martin Skipper, Paula McMahon, Lucy De Soto and of course Roscoe Waraker who played up a storm on both nights.
A new gig for us this Saturday night Georges River 16 ft. sailing club, kick off 8pm

Please get your bums on seats at the Gigs, to keep the industry alive an audience is needed. No audience, no bookings, simple, no bookings, no income, no band!

Paula McMahon

Paula McMahon has just released her new album, “A Lifetime Addiction to the Blues”, in March, 2019 and it is an amazing piece of work. “A Lifetime Addiction to the Blues” (title track written by Chris Turner,) finds Paula, (Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Percussion) performing live in the studio in collaboration with accomplished friends Chris Turner (Slide Guitar), Jim Finn (drums, percussion, vocals), Charlie Faruglia, (Bass), Mick O’Shea, (drums), Tony Boyd, (drums), Dave Scembi, (Harmonica), and Phil Grove, (Accordion).

Paula brings a lot of soul to her songs including “Believe I’m in Love with You,” “Angie,” and “Walking My Baby.” A drop the mic performance of Bonnie Raitts “Love me like a Man” is awesome. Her overall sound is clean, light and airy, but deep. There is a good mix of both acoustic and electric setups throughout the album, and Chris Turners “Lifetime Subscription to the Blues is brilliant.”

Paula has a lot of depth and is amazingly talented and really qualifies as an old soul. The Musicians featured here are gifted artists and are truly mastering the blues genre.

Her voice and her Acoustic guitar both just speak so clearly and deeply of the blues, but it is light enough to be refreshing. As for fans and new listeners alike, I don’t think Paula and her friends have any fear of being Misunderstood at all with this collaboration, and “Please don’t let me be Misunderstood” leaves no doubt. Paula is so spell binding that you can’t help but keep coming back for more.

Mixed at her own Studio, Twang and Bang and Big Rock Records and brilliantly Mastered at The Wave Ranch this Album is worth a listen


New Album

“Emotionally, blues is healing music. It was designed to make oppressed people feel better. But the magic of the blues is that it isn’t just about African-Americans, but about people everywhere. Its tension-and-release form is designed to wring out the emotions, cleanse the soul, and make the audience feel whole — like gospel music, but without the religion,” “As they say in Chicago, you listen to the blues to get rid of the blues.” And, at an essential level, you need to listen to the blues to really understand the blues. No description, however poetic, can suffice.”

Finns new album, “Feck the Illusion” lives up to this. Released on Feb. 25th, (Jims 60th birthday,) it has been carefully engineered in Paula McMahons studio, Twang&Bang by Paula and Jim, (Paula also does backup vocals “Im Getting Stoned” and “Locked Out Boogie.” The album has been brilliantly mastered by Damien Gerrard, and harks back to the “roots” of his earlier work, with the sublime guitar work of Paul Surany and the subtle Bass sounds of Mike Bellamy, the lyrics have all been crafted by these three stalwarts of the industry. Some brilliant sax is to be found on “Reggie” and “Instrumental as Anything” by Henry Holt. Get a taste of this album here, You can purchase the album from the Store here.

With instances of pertinent social comment on the World today, this album not only makes you think with the lyrics, but undeniably gets the toes tapping, and the more you listen, the more comes to mind. The musical craftsmanship of Finn is undeniable, and can be heard clearly on “Instrumental as Anything.” Catch Finn at a gig near you, this Saturday at the Rose Cottage Monaro Hwy. Gilmore ACT 8 pm