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Howdy All

Jam Stuff
The bad news
No Jam this Tuesday, the Annandale has rented their room out for this week to AIM, so, no room for us, but we do return on Tuesday the 30th of April.
This week there is only the Carousel on Thursday.
Next week on Anzac day (25th) there will be no jam at the Carousel, they like to avoid the trouble, that often occurs late on Anzac day, so only Coogee next week
The Good news
We are moving rooms at the Carousel from the Sports bar, to the bar in the middle of the Pub, we were in there before during renovations, I like this room, it’s far more cosy and you can bring young budding musicians along now.
Paul and I will be away from the Caro this week, that should bring a few out! Paul O’Brien Tuesdays (Annandale ), Tony Pedroza Wednesdays (Coogee), Paul Surany Carousel.
Numbers down out west, tell a friend we need a hand here! but always room for more. Double the crowd….bring a friend.
Sign on 7.30 pm all venues
Finn news
Move done!…. A bunch of people to thanks , in no particular order, Ken Eliott, Dave Tice, Steve Strange and Maryanne, Andrew Tzannis, Robert Stockman, Fred Blake, Charlie and Betty, (friends of Lesley), I hope I missed no one, still shell shocked.
Mike has been knocked down by some sort of bug and will be out of commission for about a month, Bill Crossland stepped into the breach and will be doing the gigs in Mike’s absence, a hope for a speedy recovery Mike
A pretty grand weekend for us, tho’ Billy did a great job and both gigs we extremely well received.
Sunday we had a plethora of stars join us last Sunday, thanks to Paula, Irish, CT, Elizabeth, Roscoe and of course Billy.
Thanks to Hugo Pfandler’s who had me on his radio show, last week
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