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Bloody cold!
Lesley and I head off to Ireland very soon…about a month.
The lads will continue with the Crown gigs while we are away, Kerrie Sweeney will fill in in my absence, first and 3
rd Friday of every month
‘Nuff said, on with the show.
Jam Stuff

Annandale and Caro this week.
Underage children are permitted in the Carousel.
6/12/19 and we will have been at the Carousel 13 years at the, ‘Come back to the Caro’ will be the theme in December with a party on the closest night..
Remember, bring a friend double the numbers! always room for more.
Paul O’Brien Tuesdays (Annandale ),
Tony Pedroza Wednesdays (Coogee),
Paul Surany Thursdays Carousel.
Sign on 7.30 pm all venues     

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