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Crown Hotel Friday 15th March and Native Rose Sunday 17th March were both crackers of gigs. Thanks to Michael Barry and Paul Read for their input on Friday.
Sunday at the Native Rose was just a cavalcade of stars, Thanks to Irish John, Paul Read, Martin Skipper, Paula McMahon, Lucy De Soto and of course Roscoe Waraker who played up a storm on both nights.

Jim & Lesley moving again, thanks to those of you who have offered help with the move, they are moving on Sunday 7
th April, 10 am, so if you have some spare time they would appreciate the hand. Shouldn’t take more than 4 hours end to end.
So a pretty busy weekend for Finn, Raby last Saturday with Paula and then 2 spots at The Hawkesbury for the Big Blues bash #2, a great day of music, many thanks to Peter Fricker and Tate’s Hotel, all the staff and Blake and all the Crew. By all accounts Blakes mixing was superb.

Visitors to Site in March, 1415, of those 380 were new visitors fro all over the Globe, and of those 314 were visitors from Australia, so I know you are all taking advantage of the Site. With 151 New visitors from Sydney, perhaps its time for you to translate that to bums on seats at Gigs. Gather your friends, make it a big night out, dinner, the lot, and grab yourself a copy of the New Album, there are some great tracks on it.

Till next time
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