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Thank You All

Howdy All

The Bushfire Benefit went off very well yesterday, we raised $2000 on the day and there has been other money put into the Fire-eys account, not sure exactly the amount but well over a couple of hundred by what I have had come back to me
If you haven’t donated but still want too, the lads and lassies at the front line would appreciate it, details below.
Thanks to Richard  for the use of the Pub and supply of the PA and the operators, and thank you to the lads who ran the PA they were there for over 8 hours.
The players
Al Britton, Ross Ward, Dave Tice, Paul Surany, Paula McMahon, Kerrie Sweeney, Janet Levy, Henry Holt, Keith Todd, Steve Pajor, Pierre, Frank on Drums and Frank on Vocals, Deyan, Rob, Fox on bass, Tony Pedroza, Henry Sliwka, Bill Crossland, Ross Warraker, Ian Collins, Chris Martin Murphy, Martin Bassman, Martin Davidson, Young Jack on Drums,
Irene and Lesley who looked after the door, I think that’s all and if I missed you out apologies.
A lot of people who gave up their time to help out. Thank you all so very much
Only last week the sky was putrid and now floods and hail, ‘Straya, you gotta love it, But let’s not forget what is still an ongoing affair.
So no more talk from me about climate change from me, Too much BS involved with those words, let’s call it what it is….overpopulation and degradation of the earth. Mismanagement by our leaders for  long long time. OH by the by Scomo is not a baby boomer, so that makes him part of the Y gen I guess, so we can’t really be blamed any longer HAHAHA!
NSW RFSA Welfare Fund (tax deductible) – only for firefighters in necessitous circumstances
BSB:       062-624
Account: 11081175
Name:    NSW RFSA – Welfare Fund

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