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Lockdown Stuff

G’day Y’all

Performance at ‘Jim’s Garage’, last Saturday went off ok, and was really a trial run at it to see what works etc.
We were rained out in the end but managed about 5 songs, which I have videoed and will hopefully have out this week for those who missed it.
So this Saturday 2 pm we will try again, weather permitting we will try for an hour and a half. A few guests maybe as well.
It is one of our longest supporters birthday, Fred will be another year older and this is the first time he celebrates in Australia, normally he heads back to his other home in Maine US for our winter, but things being the way they are, we are lucky to have him here.
Things will not loosen up until Monday 1/6/20 so we need to behave until then.
I think you can come along with your own small group, but must still keep our social distance or we will have to stop. I know you can all behave…..look at how well we have done for the last 10 weeks.
We will pass around the hat to try and raise some petrol money for Paul Mike and ??.
That is all. Remain safe,
Many thanks
Catch Ya round the traps
Onwards and upwards
Freedom ain’t free
Common sense ain’t common.

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