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Weekend Gigs

Howdy all

Jeeze sometimes you crack it lucky….kinda makes up for the bad shit!
Friday down in Canberra, people dancing, singing and just plain watchin’ and having fun. This was our first time at the Austrian Club which is a gig run by Lone Wolf and The CBS. Great room and little bit of extra for us….PA supplied, man it was fun and no stress.
Another new one on Saturday, Paradise Café in Lower Portland, behind Windsor on the River, a freckin gem people, working on a blues festival out the, more later.
Sunday Newcastle The Kent. Numbers have been down a bit at the last few Kent turn-out but last night rocked great vibe and I love Newcastle peoples attitude, very laid back for city people, killer bee weekend, band stepped up to the plate on all turnouts, proud to call these guys…..MY BAND, HAHA!
3 City gigs this weekend
See you there
Jam Stuff
Al recovering slowly so has put our plans back a little on trying to secure a new inner city jam home, but soon we will begin and keep you updated.

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