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Benefit Gig

Howdy All

I mentioned about Keith and Helen, who have lost their house in the current bushfires the went through the south of NSW.
Have had a pretty good response to a benefit for them and those around who have also lost all.
Tomorrow I will be working on a venue, what we might do is have a jam with a few ACTs to finish the night off, as Helen and Keith were regular attendees at the Caro while they lived in Sydney, so if you know someone who can contribute to this cause which is close to us all, pass it on, no politicising the situation, it’s just F%^$ed UP.
I will be collecting anything you have to spare and will take it down, blankets, sheets, cutlery, Most people will move into rentals if the can find one which now be at a premium and will need this sort of stuff at the very least.

Bushfire Benefit
I have a venue, The Bridge,
I have a date 19/1/20
So get back to me now and let me know if you can do this date
I have a number of people offer their services
Now I need some info on how to set this up properly so it is all legit and above board. Anyone who knows how this works can you pass on info to me, I will set up a bank account later this week for those who can’t make it but want to donate
Time will be 4pm – 10pm jamming 4-7 bands 7-10 but subject to last minute changes maybe mix it up a bit, suggestions?
Will start with jams and finish up with some bands
Blues collective
Ross Ward and line up
Dave Tice
Keith Todd trio

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